Are Indoor Soccer Shoes Good for Running

Are Indoor Soccer Shoes Good for Running? (Explained)

Have you ever wondered if indoor soccer shoes can serve the purpose of running shoes? Well, indoor soccer shoes are specialized footwear designed to enhance performance on indoor soccer surfaces. Their unique design and materials are intended for quick turns and better traction on smooth indoor courts.

I remember a time when I needed to run on an indoor track but forgot my running shoes. All I had were my trusty indoor soccer shoes. I hesitated but decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, they felt comfortable, but I couldn’t shake off the doubt that they were actually suitable for running.

To clear my doubts, I delved into research about indoor soccer shoes and their suitability for running. The results were interesting, and to share my findings, I have put together this article. So, if you want to know whether indoor soccer shoes are good for running or not, read on!

Are Indoor Soccer Shoes Good for Running?

In my point of view, you can use both soccer shoes for running. Running needs some protective measures in shoes, if the shoe has those things, you can use those shoes no matter what sports shoe it is. That protective measure includes heel protection, toe protection, knee and ankle protection, etc. 

Is it that bad to use indoor soccer shoes for running?

It depends on your distance and how much you want to run. If you want to run less than a kilometre, you can wear indoor soccer shoes but if you want to run more and more you should wear running shoes. Yes, you can use outdoor soccer shoes because they are very similar to running shoes.

Are Indoor Soccer Shoes Good for Running

There are many other games that need the same qualities in their shoes like badminton, volleyball, soccer, basketball, etc. They also have cushioning ability, gel technology, weighted, ankle and toe support, etc. 

So, you can wear these sports shoes too for running. But if you want to be a professional runner, you need to buy a new pair of running shoes because it will also be an advantage for you. 

It will give a nice impression of yours on your coach and your fellows. So, try to wear a specific running shoe for running.

Difference between indoor and outdoor soccer shoes

Soccer can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Both games have different courts, shoes, and other protocols. Now we will discuss in what circumstances we can use indoor and outdoor soccer shoes.

Indoor soccer shoes

Indoor soccer has different types of courts and shoes. Its shoe has a flat base with no nibs under it because the flat sole makes good friction with indoor soccer shoes. 

It has some following abilities that are relatable to running shoes and can be used in place of running shoes:

  • Fabric
  • Ankle arch
  • Mid-sole
  • Fitness if the shoe

1. Fabric

The fabric of soccer shoes is very relatable to running shoes. It allows airflow that dries our sweating while running.

Sweating can irritate you and also can be a cause of slipping. It also protects your shoe from particles and dust entering the shoe.

So, this quality allows you to wear indoor soccer shoes.

2. Ankle arch

Soccer shoes have ankle arch which is also present in running shoes. An ankle arch allows your feet to be in a shoe and protects your ankle from various things.

It also gives support to your ankle. That is why we can use indoor arch shoes for running.

3. Midsole

 The indoor soccer shoes also have a midsole that provides you comfort and support like running shoes. It also gives you cushioning effect that is necessary for your health.

The cushioning effect helps you to get rid of back pain, heel pain, and ankle pain.

The midsole is usually made of wool material that keeps your feet warm and tireless. It also prevents foot pain during running.

4. Fitness of shoe

The indoor soccer shoe is a little loose because it allows the shoes to flow with air in the shoe. It prevents sweating in the shoe.

But you have to buy your size of feet. It will be loosed a little in your feet.

Outdoor soccer shoes

Almost 50% of people think they can wear outdoor soccer shoes because it is almost similar to running shoes. In soccer, we also run long distances. That is why these are made up like running shoes.

The basic action in both games is running so, we will discuss the features that are common in running shoes and soccer shoes:

  • Nibs
  • Wider base
  • Weight
  • Gel technology
  • Thicker sole
  • The upper

1. Nibs

Outdoor Soccer and running are performed on natural ground and that is not even like the court of indoor soccer. So, the nibs provide friction between the ground and feet to run much smoother. It also stabilizes you while running.

Both outdoor soccer and running shoes have nibs under their sole. That is the reason people say, you can wear outdoor soccer shoes for running.

2. Wider base

The wider base allows extra stability to your body while running and playing. It prevents you from falling and leaning over the ground. Continuously running on uneven ground can unbalance you.

This wider base of shoes can stabilize you and give you support in this situation. This ability is also found in both Soccer and running shoes.

3. Weight

Weight is also a very important factor in sports. Some sports need heavier shoes like hiking, running, and soccer because the weight also provides you stability in your sport.

The weight helps you to put your feet in the right place and at the right angle. It also prevents your feet from twisting or getting injured. Soccer shoes are also weighted like running shoes. 

4. Gel technology

Gel technology is used in running shoes which provides you comfort and gives your feet relief from pain. Running is a continuous process that depends on your feet and shoes.

The gel technology absorbs the shocks produced during Continuous running and gives you the cushioning effect that helps you to play or run longer. You quit your activity when you start feeling tired or have pain in your feet. So, this technology is found in both Soccer and running shoes.

5. Thicker sole

Running shoes and soccer shoes have a thicker soles than indoor running shoes. It also helps your feet to be comfortable while running.

The thicker sole is also a disadvantage. It can be unstable while running because its thickness will increase your height and you will be more unstable. 

 6. The upper

The upper of the shoe is made up of material that allows airflow from the shoe. This airflow will dry out the sweat produced while running. The sweating can injure you. It can make you slip while running and playing.

The sweating can also irritate you and this irritation can lead you to lose your concentration from the game. It can make to quit playing or running.

So, this ability is present in both Soccer and running shoes. These are the reasons which allow us to wear outdoor soccer shoes for running.

Good running shoes

Many brands produce running shoes but the following are the shoes which the best, most comfortable, and most durable:

  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38
  • Asics Gel-Kayano 28
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 25
  • Lululemon Bliss feel
  • Under Armor Flow Velocity Wind 2

These shoes are available on Amazon as well as on their manufacturer websites. These shoes are also easily available in their brand retail stores.

The bolded word is the brand name of the shoe. These brands have proven the quality and durability of their shoes. These are a little more expensive than others but have the best quality and comfort level.


In the end, I would like to say you should wear running shoes for running because it’s safer and more reputable for you. If you have soccer shoes and want to run for a few meters, you can use your indoor soccer shoes. But for a long run or professional running, you must buy a new pair of running shoes for running.

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