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Are Running Shoes Good For Nurses? (Explained!)

Running shoes, versatile footwear designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts has caught the attention of many, including nurses. As we tirelessly strive to provide the best care for our patients, the question arises: Are running shoes good for nurses?

As a nurse myself, I have experienced the challenges of long hours on my feet, moving swiftly from one patient to another. The discomfort and fatigue were familiar companions, leaving me wondering if there was a solution to alleviate these issues.

Curiosity led me to delve into research about the benefits of running shoes for nurses. What I discovered was a wealth of information that shed light on their potential advantages in terms of support, cushioning, and overall foot health. To explore this topic further, read the entire article.

Are running shoes good for nurses?

YES! Nurses can wear running shoes. Running shoes are comfortable and soles are designed to give comfort and ease to feet. In running shoes, feet will be warm and less tired as compared to slippers or flat-sole shoes. Continuously walking is also very tiring and the feet are the part which affects the most so running shoes are best for nurses. 

Shoes play a very important role in someone’s daily life. People judge other people by their shoes. especially when your job is all about walking.

It helps you to do your job without any inconvenience. It will help you to work continuously without any relaxation.

Running shoes can be a blessing for such a job. 

Why running shoes are good for nurses?

are running shoes good for nurses 2

Following are some reasons which encourage nurses to wear running shoes:

  • Fitness
  • Ankle collar
  • Toe box
  • Outer sole
  • Middle sole
  • Upper of the sole
  • Weight

1. Fitness

The fitness of running shoes is also perfect for feet and its fitness gives comfort to feet. Loosen or tight shoes are very uncomfortable, they can distract you or irritate you while doing your job. Fitness feels like massager over your feet.

2. Ankle collar

The collar keeps your heel in place otherwise in some other shoes, the heel is lightly out of the shoe.

After some time the shape of the shoe destroys and feels very unpleasant to wear.

In some shoes, the heel gets outside of the shoe, and the balance of the shoe got disturbed.

3. Heel Counter

It is a semi-rigid cup in your shoes to keep your heel protected. It allows you o move your heel freely. It gives support and stability to the heel and ankle.

It is also useful for patients with cholesterol who have problems with heel pain.

4. Toe box

Running shoe is also facilitated with a toe box. It protects our toes from hurting. Due to this, you can move your toe within seconds of relaxing. It prevents random kicks during the continuous walk.

5. Outer sole

The outer is almost made of rubber material and has nibs under the sole. When you step on it gives you the cushioning effect that feels so comfortable.

It has a wide sole that gives a very pleasant effect while walking. It becomes so much more flexible as we use the shoe.

While in slippers or other shoes, your feet get so tired easily even after walking a few steps. 

6. Middle sole

The middle sole is designed to absorb the shocks produced while walking. It gives you cushioning effects that comfort your feet.

Gel technology is also used in the middle sole to allow you flexibility while walking. To make your shoe bend like your feet bends, midsole is responsible for this.

7. Upper of the sole

The upper of running shoes is tightly wrapped around the feet. It helps the feet to remain warm. In nursing, you have to walk continuously for 8 to 10 hours.

In this situation, the tightness of the shoe gives you comfort. The heat prevents you from tiredness. 

8. Weight

The weight of running shoes is extremely low. Low weight helps you to walk easily. You need no force to drag the shoe while walking.

If the shoes are heavy, you need more force to walk and drag the shoe. By this, you will tire soon and cannot work without consideration.

Can nurses where other sports shoes?

Yes! Nurses can wear any type of sports shoe. Sports shoes are manufactured according to the need for running and walking.

All sports shoe has a good and flexible sole, are lightly weighted, has cushioning ability, tight upper, etc.

So nurses can wear all types of sports shoes. It included volleyball, baseball badminton, etc. Nurses can wear any shoe which has the above qualities.

Any sole that is flat is not good for nurses. Their work is to walk continuously and for walking there should be a shoe that is comfortable, has a wide sole, and is tight to the feet, etc. flat sole can hurt your toe and heel.

The permanent use can hurt your knee and ankle too.

In continuously walking, our motion is the singular direction we don’t need to move our feet in other directions so there’s no need for a wider base or any lip support. We have to walk only in one direction but with continuous walking.

So due to walking, it should be light-weighted so can be lifted easily.


Nursing is a very respectful occupation and it needs a lot of dedication. If you are comfortable with your physicals, you can give your best.

Running shoe is best for nurses because it has to cushion their ability, are tight, warm, gel technology, etc. which helps nurses to work with comfort and dedication.

If other sports shoe has the same qualities, they can also wear those shoes but flat sole shoe or shoes that are hard can be bad for you.

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