are running shoes good for volleyball

Are Running Shoes Good for Volleyball (Solved & Explained)

Running shoes are typically designed to provide cushioning and support for forward motion during running. But can they also be suitable for dynamic movements and quick changes of direction in volleyball?

I’ve faced this very dilemma before. As an enthusiastic volleyball player, I’ve always wondered whether my trusty running shoes would be sufficient for the game. On occasion, I would wear my running shoes to practice, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something might be amiss. I experienced minor discomfort and felt less stable during lateral movements.

Curiosity led me to conduct some thorough research on the topic. Through my findings, I unearthed valuable insights that shed light on the suitability of running shoes for volleyball. To understand the full story and discover the answer to this question, I invite you to read the entire article.

Let’s dive into the world of shoes and volleyball!

Are Running Shoes Good for Volleyball?

The answer is No, Running is consistent and almost one action sport while in volleyball you have to move up and down in almost all directions, so, volleyball shoes are designed to stick with the ground when needed and also give proper rotation to the foot to move according to the requirement. They are also very light weighted and easy to rotate.

are running shoes good for volleyball

As a sportsman, health is a very basic factor for your consideration. And sports man never take their health and fitness for granted. So, to be a healthy person you should follow some rules.

Same as when you have to use the right equipment and, in this case, using running shoes for volleyball is not a good idea.

It is very difficult to play in running shows because every shoe has its own features and specific features that are useable in a specific game.

So, playing in running shoes can be bad for you because of their design, weight, etc.

In running shoes, a lot of material is used for stability which is bad for volleyball. Some volleyball shoes also have a gum rubber sole that controls the multi-directional motion while playing.

Playing with running shoes can cost you because these will break after 3 to 4 games because these are not designed for playing volleyball. Volleyball creates a different type of stress on the legs, feet, and ankles that can only be absorbed by the design of volleyball shoes.

The grip of the sole stabilizes you on the floor and prevents you from leaning over or falling.

You can wear BASKETBALL shoes for volleyball. These shoes are almost similar and almost have the same characteristics like weight, cushioning ability gel or rubber base, and wider base with lip stability, etc.

Still, basketball shoes also have a shorter life span than volleyball shoes because it’s not specified for so much jumping.

The force of landing in volleyball is almost 9 times the actual weight of the body so the basketball shoes are useful to some extent.

Why are Running Shoes Not Good for Volleyball?

Wanna know more about your concern? Let’s read more and figure it out.

There are some factors that cease us to use normal running shoes while playing volleyball. The following are the factors:

  • The sole of the shoe
  • Upper of the shoe
  • Gel technology
  • The wide base of the shoe
  • Midsole
  • Weight
  • Life span
  • fitness

1. The sole of the shoe

Running shoes are designed for only forward motion has an almost flat sole which has a very light grip on the ground but volleyball shoes are designed for multi-directional motion and have NIBS on the sole that strengthens the grip of shoes on the ground.

It’s also not sticky to the ground so you have to push your feet to move forward.

2. Upper of the shoe

A lot of movement allows our body to start sweating and produce heat. The upper of a volleyball shoe allows more airflow than a running shoe.

It is usually made of Nylon or a cloth that has holes for airflow.

But the upper of the running shoe is tight to the foot and there is no way of crossing air. The sweat on your feet can irritate you during the game.

And it can also increase the threat of slipping and falling. 

3. Gel Technology

It prevents injury while landing during a jump and gives more support to move the ankle during the defense. It allows flexibility to move in multi directions.

The gel absorbs the shocks during jumping and instant movement of feet so you can land easily on the floor of a volleyball court.

While running shoes have a hard base because running is a cardio exercise usually done for sweating and weight loss, a hard base is designed for these two purposes.

4. Wide Base of shoe

As volleyball shoes have a wide base that prevents you from falling and it also has an extra lip that stops you from leaning over.

However, running shoes have a smaller base and no supporting lip.

Running is a single-directional motion which is why it has neither a wider base nor any lip for side support. 

5. Midsole

The main work of the midsole in volleyball shoes is to absorb the shock of the ball. Because the player plays a lot on the balls of his feet.

That’s why the midsole should be strong and flexible. The technology is used for this purpose.

That’s why running shoes are not good for volleyball.

6. Weight

Volleyball shoes are lightweight compared to running shoes.

It allows them to kick freely. Weighing between 9.2 to 11.0 ounces for women and 11.2 to 15.0 ounces for men allows them to play more freely and use these to their advantage.

While running is usually done for weight loss or stamina building, that’s why it has more weight than volleyball shoes.

7. Life span

If we use running shoes for volleyball it takes 2 to 3 games to destroy these shoes because these are not designed for playing such games, so you have to buy new pair of shoes.

While volleyball shoes are specific for playing and also designed for volleyball. Its life span is a minimum of a season.

So, playing with volleyball shoes is much cheaper.

8. Fitness

Shoes should fit in our feet so that playing with them could not trouble the movement of your feet. If it is not fitted to our feet, it could imbalance you and also can create a distraction while playing.

Your feet can also slip from your shoe and it can hurt your feet. So, choose shoe sizes according to your feet.

Is it really bad to use running shoes for volleyball?

If you want to play for some time or for some school activity, you can play in any shoes. But if you are going to take regular training classes or want to play professionally you have to buy specific volleyball shoes for your own protection.

It is very dangerous playing in running shoes in such a scenario. It can cost you, your health money, and your career too. 

Wearing running shoes for a long time while playing volleyball can give you permanent injuries like pain in the ankle, bones, knees, etc. 

What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear for Volleyball?

Shoes are very important in any sport either in volleyball or any other sport. Volleyball has its specific type of shoes that comfort the player in many aspects.

So for better performance, you should wear shoes that have a wider base, are light-weighted, have nibs on the sole, have shock-absorbing ability, and also can allow airflow.

These kinds of shoes will allow you to play relaxed and will be an advantage in your sport.

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So, running shoes should not be used in volleyball because of some reasons. These reasons can cost you your health and also can create some other problems.

A single pair of shoes gives you almost all the benefits that you need in your game like flexibility, airflow, balance, etc. Running shows can also lessen your consideration and you can lose interest in playing volleyball.

So we should use volleyball shoes for a better experience. So, have you made up your mind to buy a new pair of shoes? If yes open the link and have a look at deals.

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