Are Tennis Shoes Good for Volleyball

Are Tennis Shoes Good for Volleyball? (Solved)

Tennis shoes are footwear designed for playing tennis, with features like lateral support and durability to handle the demands of quick movements on the court.

I know the struggle of choosing the right shoes. I once faced a similar dilemma while playing volleyball in my tennis shoes. I felt discomfort and lacked the necessary stability during lateral movements, affecting my performance on the court.

I researched if tennis shoes were indeed suitable for volleyball. In this article, I’ll share the insights I’ve gathered. To understand whether tennis shoes can meet the demands of volleyball, keep reading to explore my findings in detail.

Are tennis shoes good for volleyball?

I think the answer to this is Yes! And No at the same time because tennis shoes have some qualities which are necessary for volleyball and also lack some things about volleyball shoes.

So, before playing you have seen if the criteria meet with tennis shoes, you should use these if it doesn’t, it can be dangerous for you.   

If a shoe has a cushioning effect, is lightweight, midsole, and has a wider base, it can be used for volleyball because continuous jumping needs cushioning effect and shock absorbent for heel and knee protection.

A lightweight shoe is also good because jumping will not irritate you and will not feel heavy to you while jumping. So, the shoe should be light-weighted.

Why tennis shoes are good for volleyball?

Are Tennis Shoes Good for Volleyball

Following are some reasons that explain why tennis shoes are good for volleyball:

  • Cushioning
  • Midsole
  • The wide base of the shoe

1. Cushioning 

The cushioning ability is found in both tennis shoes and volleyball shoes. The cushioning property prevents your feet from injury and tiredness.

It supports your heel and ankle during the time of jumping and landing. So, this property allows us to use tennis shoes for volleyball.

2. Midsole

Both shoes have a wide midsole. The main purpose of the midsole is to absorb the shocks produced during jumping and landing on the court.

It prevents serious injuries to the knees, heel, and ankle. If you are not wearing shock-absorbent shoes you can also injure your foot muscle which leads you to rest for at least 1.5 months.

So, tennis shoes have this protection. That is why we can use tennis shoes.

3. The wide base of the shoe

The wider base of both shoes prevents you from falling. It is used for stability purposes.

You have to move very suddenly in both games so, a wider base prevents you from leaning over and suddenly falling.

Stability is very important in both games. That is why tennis shoes can be used for volleyball.

Why you should not use tennis shoes for volleyball?

Some factors cease us to use tennis shoes for volleyball. The following are some factors:

  • Weight
  • Fitness
  • Base sole
  • Design of the shoe

1. Weight

The tennis shoes are heavy because it has a hard sole. In volleyball, we need to jump many times which is why we need light weighted shoes.

Volleyball shoes are lightly weighted so we need no force to pull them. This is the reason why we cannot use tennis shoes for volleyball.

2. Fitness

Volleyball needs tight and fit shoes so it doesn’t bother you while playing. Tennis shoes are not tight to the shoes because in tennis we need air to flow in a shoe to avoid sweating.

So, if we use tennis shoes, we have a problem with the fitness of the shoes. The shoe can fall during the time of jumping and you can twist your ankle too. That is why we cannot use tennis shoes for volleyball.

2. Base sole

An indoor volleyball court is made of very fluffy and soft material and the base of volleyball shoes is made of rubber which is harmless to the court.

While the base of the tennis shoe is made up of hard material for more grip so it will destroy the court. That is why you cannot use tennis shoes for volleyball.

The outdoor volleyball court is made up of hard material. So, if you are playing outdoors, you can wear tennis shoes because they won’t destroy your court.

3. Design of the shoe

A tennis shoe is made for forward, back, and lateral motion.

In volleyball, you have to move in almost 360 degrees at a sudden place so, the shoe should be flexible enough to rotate in every direction while the tennis shoe is made for only lateral motion of feet.

Its hard base does not allow it to move quickly. That’s the reason we cannot use tennis shoes for volleyball.

Can we use another sports shoe?

Yes, there are some other sports shoes that can be used for volleyball. Sports like basketball, badminton and even you can use running shoes for a few games of volleyball.

These shoes also have cushioning ability, comfortable soles, and fit to the feet. These abilities make these shoes useful for volleyball use.

But if you want to play in a team or want to play professionally, you must use volleyball shoes for a better game and impression on your coach and teammates.


Volleyball should be played in volleyball shoes. If you have some problem buying a pair of shoes, you can also play in tennis shoes because tennis shoes have also cushioned ability, wide soles, and gel technology to absorb the shocks while continuously jumping.

For a proper and professional game, you should wear volleyball shoes because they can cast a positive impact on your coach and teammates. So, just to save some money you should not compromise your health and career.

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