Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Tennis (Solved)

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Tennis? (Solved)

Basketball shoes are specially designed footwear meant for playing basketball, offering excellent ankle support and cushioning to handle the sport’s quick movements and jumps.

I remember being in a similar situation once when I had to decide whether to use my basketball shoes for a tennis game. I wasn’t sure if they would work well or hinder my performance on the court.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to research the matter thoroughly. After diving into the details and gathering information, I was able to uncover some crucial insights. To learn more, continue reading the entire article to discover what I found!

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Tennis?

No, you cannot wear basketball shoes for playing tennis. Basketball shoes are not designed for playing tennis shoes. Basketball shoes are bulking and not designed for lateral motion.

So, it can be dangerous to play in basketball shoes instead of tennis shoes. Following are some reasons that describe why we should not use basketball shoes in place of tennis shoes.

Why Basketball Shoes Should not be Used for Tennis?

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Tennis (Solved)

Every sport is different in terms of rules, motions, etc. so, it has its products that should be used while playing. Using the right products is less dangerous and safe for the player.

The following are the reasons that do not allow us to use basketball shoes in place of tennis shoes.

  • Durability
  • Fitness
  • Base sole
  • Weight
  • Midsole 
  • Shock absorbent
  • Upper of the shoe
  • Design of the shoe

1. Durability

Tennis shoes are more durable than basketball shoes in tennis.

If you are playing tennis in basketball shoes, you have to buy a new pair of shoes because they will break down after a maximum of 4 to 5 games and you have to buy a new pair of shoes.

When you have to a new shoe then why don’t the right shoe?

2. Fitness

Tennis shoes have more fitness than basketball shoes. Fitness allows us to produce warmth that prevents our feet from tiredness and pain.

Basketball shoes are made to allow the airflow from the show to prevent sweating. This reason also ceases us to wear basketball shoes while playing tennis.

3. Base sole

The base sole of a tennis shoe is made up of rigid and hard material to produce friction between the shoe and the court.

While the sole of a basketball shoe is made up of rubber-type material to prevent marks on the basketball court. It also has a cushioning ability that prevents our feet from the hardness of the sole.  

4. Weight

The rubber material of basketball shoes makes them weighted which is a bad thing. While playing we need comfort and less motion to play longer.

Tennis shoe has lightweight that allows us not to use force on shoes during playing.

So, while playing, weight cannot be neglected.

5. Midsole

 The midsole of a tennis shoe is like foam. It has a high cushioning ability that allows our feet to move with extreme comfort. The midsole is designed with wool-type material that allows comfort while playing.

6. Shock absorbent

The mid is highly shock absorbent. Its cushioning ability absorbs the shocks produced during continuous playing. This shock-absorbent technology also protects our heels and knees from injury while playing. 

7. Upper of the shoe

The upper of the shoe is so tightly around the feet. It does not irritate you while playing. A loose shoe can be dangerous and can be the cause of slipping.

The upper is designed not to allow the flow of air in your shoe. So, the warmth produced due to fitness gives you relief and prevents you from tiredness. 

8. Design of the shoe

A Tennis shoe is designed for lateral motion which is used while playing tennis but a basketball shoe is designed to rotate 360 degrees which is not needed in tennis. The extra flexibility can be dangerous while playing tennis.

So, we should use tennis shoes for playing tennis.

9. Wider base

Tennis shoes have a wider base than basketball shoes. The wider base protects you from falling and leaning over. It provides you with stability while playing tennis.

It is a very crucial factor that must be in shoes for playing tennis. 

Is it really bad to wear basketball shoes?

If you want to play tennis just for fun or 3 to 4 times, you do not need to have new pair of shoes because basketball shoe is not that bad choice for tennis.

It also has cushioning ability, gel technology, arch, ankle support, etc. if you want to play for less time, you can play in a basketball shoe.

But if you want to play professionally or have coach training, you must buy a specific tennis shoe because in this situation, wearing basketball shoes can be dangerous.

The basketball shoe is dangerous because it does not meet the criteria that should be for playing tennis.

Basketball shoe has an issue with weight, base sole, upper, etc. which is why they cannot be used for playing tennis.

A good sportsman always makes discipline in his life. Discipline is not only described by punctuality or good habits, it is also measured by the use of the right things that are not unsafe and dangerous for them.

So, a good sportsman always uses those products that are good and specified for his game. So, it also looks very professional to use the right shoe for a specified game.

There are also some other games which allow us to wear their shoes while playing tennis. Those shoes also have almost the same ability as tennis shoes. But only if we are playing fewer times.

You can also play in volleyball shoes, basketball shoes, badminton shoes, etc. These shoes also have the same abilities like cushioning, midsole, weight, wider base, etc. so, if you want to play fewer times, you can use these shoes for playing tennis.  

Some best tennis shoes 

  Many brands make tennis shoes but some brands have very durable and long-lasting products. The following are brands that have good shoes:

  • Adidas
  • Skechers
  • AND 1
  • Jorden
  • Nike
  • Under Armer

You can get these brand shoes from retailer shops and as well as online. You can also get this from and the manufacturing site.

If you are in doubt about the quality, read reviews and select the brand which satisfies you.

These brands have proven that their product/shoes are favorable according to the sport. These are also very durable and can be used for 3 to 4 years.

So, you should spend some money and buy new pair of shoe tennis shoes for playing tennis.

 When you are going to buy a new pair of tennis shoes, you have to consider some of the characteristics that a shoe should have.

Those characteristics are the following:

  • It should be comfortable for you. They should fit your feet.
  • It should be an original brand shoe, not even a second copy
  • It should have a hard base, but it does not mean that it should feel hard on our feet.
  • The midsole should be soft like wool. It must have cushion ability in it.
  • The shoe should be shock absorbent.
  • It must have a wider base that could support your feet while playing tennis.


Basketball shoes cannot be used for playing tennis because they are not made to play tennis. It does not support us while playing tennis. The basketball shoe is not safe. It does not have fitness, rigid base, durability, etc.

It is also a different upper than a tennis shoe. But if you are playing for less time, you do not need to spend money, you can play tennis in basketball shoes.

But if you want to be a professional or want to join a team, you must buy tennis shoes. These will make your reputation in a good way.

The main thing in sports is protection. While playing we can hurt and get injured because everyone is playing for winning. So, use that shoe that lessens the probability of injuring and hurting. So, pick a pair of tennis shoes wisely.

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