Can Indoor Soccer Shoes be Used for Tennis (Explained)

Can Indoor Soccer Shoes be Used for Tennis? (Explained)

Indoor soccer shoes are specially designed footwear crafted to provide optimal traction and grip on indoor soccer fields. They feature a flat outsole and a low-profile design to enhance agility and control during fast-paced soccer games played on hard, smooth surfaces.

I once found myself in a predicament when I wanted to play tennis but forgot my tennis shoes. All I had were my trusty indoor soccer shoes. Wondering if I could use them for tennis, I decided to give them a shot and see how they performed on the court.

Curiosity piqued, I research to understand the suitability of using indoor soccer shoes for tennis. The results were enlightening, revealing both advantages and drawbacks. To explore my findings in-depth, keep reading the entire article to make an informed decision about using indoor soccer shoes for tennis.

Can Indoor Soccer Shoes be Used for Tennis?

No, you cannot use indoor soccer shoes for tennis. Both games are very different in play. They have their specific shoes which make our game comfortable and secure. Using some other shoes is dangerous for you. It can injure you have you can lose your career. Because both games are very different in courts, running, rules, etc. We also need different protections while playing. So, that is why we cannot play tennis in indoor soccer.

Why you should not use indoor soccer shoes for tennis?

Following are some reasons explain to us why we should not use indoor soccer shoes for tennis:

  • The sole of the shoe
  • Studs
  • Weight
  • The midsole
  • Durability
  • Toe protection

1. The sole of the shoe

The base sole of the shoe is different for both sports. Tennis is an outdoor game that needs a firm sole that gives you stability and friction between the ground and feet. While the sole of the indoor soccer shoes is flat which is good for an even and flat surface of the court.

The tennis shoes have studs under their sole which allows stability and traction to the feet.

But indoor soccer shoes have a flat base which is useless on this type of ground. That is why we cannot use indoor soccer shoes for tennis.

2. Studs 

The tennis shoes have studs under their sole. These studs are used to increase the stability and traction on the ground. A Tennis pitch is usually made on the natural ground which is not that even.

So, we need studs on this type of ground. The indoor soccer shoes have no studs or nibs under their sole. It has a flat sole which is good for indoor courts but it is a bad idea to use these for tennis.

3. Weight

 There is also a weight difference between indoor soccer shoes and tennis shoes. Indoor soccer shoes are a little heavier than tennis shoes. This weight helps to increase stability and traction on the wooden court.

The tennis shoes are lighter than indoor soccer shoes. So, if we use indoor soccer shoes for tennis, they will be a little heavier for us to use and we will be tired soon. Because of the heavy weight, we have to drag the shoes during a game and this can also cause pain in our feet.

4. The midsole

Indoor soccer shoes are flat because of the wooden court. These shoes do have the cushioning ability but not that much which we need in a tennis game. In tennis shoes, we have a midsole with a woolen midsole that allows us extra cushioning.

Some tennis shoes also have gel technology that is perfect for stability, cushioning, etc. This cushioning effect also relieves our back pain and heel pain. That is the reason why we cannot use indoor soccer shoes for tennis.

5. Durability

 Every shoe is made for its specific sport. It is made according to the specifications of that game. It fulfills the requirements of the game. If we use one shoe for another sport, it will increase its abilities and lifespan.

Same like this if we use indoor soccer shoes for tennis, we can lose our indoor soccer shoes very soon. Because these shoes are not designed to contact with ground, sand, mud, etc. By saving some money you will lose your indoor soccer shoes. So, you should buy new tennis shoes in the first place.

6. Toe protection

In tennis, we have a high chance of toe injury. That is why tennis shoes have toe protection. It has a rubber-like hard material on the front of shoes that protects our feet from any contact of a toe with pebbles etc. But indoor soccer shoes have no such protection. That is the reason tennis shoes are more secure than indoor soccer shoes.

Brands that have good tennis shoes

There are a lot of brands that manufacture tennis shoes. Those can be cheap but cannot be more durable and comfortable than these brands. These brands have a name of quality and durability. People have proved these specifications by using their products.

Following are the brands that have good shoes as we have explained earlier:

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Jorden
  • Sketchers
  • AND 1

Is it really bad to wear indoor soccer shoes?

Yes, it is very bad and dangerous for you to play tennis in indoor soccer shoes. The tennis shoe has a lot of protection but indoor soccer shoes are not designed in such a manner. Indoor soccer shoes are very good for soccer shoes but not good for tennis. So, instead of taking a risk, you should wear tennis shoes for playing tennis.

Some people do not buy shoes for when they play any game. They use that ordinary shoes for every sport. This is a bad thing. It is also very unprofessional to use the wrong shoes for games.

This habit also lessens the durability of your shoe and you have to buy new shoes. 

You can also wear other sports shoes like basketball, volleyball and even running shoes. These shoes are very similar to tennis shoes but the indoor soccer shoes are different than these.

These shoes also allow cushioning effect, stability, warmness to the feet, etc. So, if you have any problem buying new tennis shoes, these sports shoes should be on your priority list.


We feel good when we are using the right equipment. Our game also gets better in this way. So, we should use the right shoe for the right game.

Using indoor soccer shoes is less protective for us. Its design is different than tennis shoes. It’s different in weight, sole, etc.

So, it is not a good idea to use indoor soccer shoes in place of tennis shoes.

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