can running shoes be used for badmintion

Can Running Shoes Be Used for Badminton? (Explained)

Running shoes, as we all know, are designed for the specific needs of runners. They provide cushioning, support, and stability to enhance running performance.

I faced this very dilemma during a casual badminton game with friends. I had forgotten my regular badminton shoes and only had my trusty running shoes with me. Unsure whether they would suffice, I decided to give it a shot.

I researched extensively to understand the key differences between running and badminton shoes, examining their features and functionalities. To find out what I discovered, read through the entire article.

Can Running Shoes Be Used for Badminton?

The answer to our question is NO. running shoes cannot be used for badminton. Running is a unidirectional motion that needs no sudden move but in badminton, you move very quickly in many directions, so this is the reason why you should wear badminton shoes.

Badminton shoes give you stability which is very important while playing badminton while running shoes lack this feature which makes these bad for playing badminton.

Are running shoes good for badminton?

No, you cannot wear running shoes for badminton because running shoes are not suitable. Badminton shoes have some specifications that are not present in running shoes I don’t think you will cost your health and focus just to save some rupees.

can running shoes be used for badmintion

Because these two things matter a lot in playing. Playing badminton in running shoes is not a good idea. While playing badminton, our movement is almost four-directional and we also jump up and down many times, so the shoe should allow and bear all these movements easily.

Running shoes are not designed for this movement so you can fall while playing badminton. So, it’s not good to play in running shoes.

There are many other factors that discourage running shoes. Badminton shoes have a raw rubber sole which is very flexible and strong. It allows feet to rotate at any angle or according to the requirement.

Badminton shoes prevent you from the knees and ankle injuries with cushioning ability, midsole, etc. while running shoes don’t have any ability.

Why are running shoes not good for badminton?

Following are some reasons which cease us to wear running shoes while playing badminton. Here they are:

  • Marks on court
  • Stability
  • Wider base
  • Anti-slip sole
  • The midsole
  • Breathable upper
  • Protection

1. Marks on the court

The Badminton court is usually made of PVC sheet. Other shoes can leave marks on the floor because they are not manufactured to prevent these marks.

But badminton shoes are specially made up like this i.e., to prevent marking on the court. The lugs under the badminton shoes are made up of rubber which leaves no marks on the court. You should always take care of this because it’s both a professional and ethical duty.

2. Stability

Badminton shoes provide stability during playing. We have to move up and down ago and back, that’s why we need more stability and only badminton shoes provide that.

Running shoes are not made for stability.

3. Wider Base

The wider base of shoes is specified for the prevention of falling down and leaning over. The wider base stables us during playing badminton. While running shoe is designed for forwarding motion and also has a smaller base.

The lips around the shoes hold you from leaning and give you support to restrain your position in-game.

4. Anti-slip sole

Badminton has an anti-slip sole it means which means its sole is made up of rubber-type material with increases the friction between the court and the shoe.

While running shoes are found so much slippery on the court like this and this can be very dangerous for you.

5. The mid-sole

The midsole is designed to absorb the shocks during playing badminton. Badminton is not a sing-motion or single-action game like running.

You have to jump several times in badminton which creates tension and shock the midsole is designed to absorb this tension and shock. Gel technology is used in the midsole to absorb shocks

6. Breathable upper

The upper of badminton is very breathable, comfortable, and soft which relaxes your feet and allows your feet to move accordingly but running is designed to fix with foot its upper is neither soft nor breathable.

So, wearing, badminton shoes will allow you to feel comfortable. 

7. Protection

Badminton is designed to protect the toes of our feet with hard material used for toe protection.

While running shoes are only made up of cloth or normal soles. Badminton shoes offer you more protection than running shoes.

Badminton shoes VS Volleyball shoes 

If we compare badminton shoes with volleyball shoes, its almost similar in quality and also have some factors that are needed in playing badminton.

Both have comfortable uppers, gel technology, rubber sole, lightweight, and a wider base, etc. so, wearing badminton shoes can be a good idea but you know everything is specific for his role.

There are also some reasons that stop you from wearing volleyball shoes. Volleyball shoes have nibs under their sole which are frictionless and can be responsible for your falling down.

In badminton, you need a sole that creates friction main minimizes the chances of slipping on the court of badminton.

Badminton VS Basketball

You can wear basketball shoes while playing badminton because basketball also has the same characteristics as badminton or volleyball.

Basketball is also a multi-directional sport that requires cushioning ability, gel technology, weight, protection, etc. If your shoes are still comfortable and do not scratch the court, your shoes are just fine.

I can say, it’s possible to play in basketball shoes but will recommend you wear specific badminton shoes.

Is it really bad to wear running shoes for Badminton?

As we have discussed, wearing running shoes has a lot of problems related to our health, safety, etc. so wearing running shoes is really bad.

Just to save some rupees you are risking your life and career. If you are wearing running shoes, these must be broken in 2 to 3 games and you have to pay for new ones. So why take a risk when you can play safe?

As a sportsman, you have to take care of yourself. Running shoes can be dangerous because of less protection, base design, and slippery sole.

Following the rules of games is always an advantage for a player.

Badminton shoes will let you feel relaxed and due to relaxation, you can focus more on your game.

It is said that a man is judged by his shoes. So, the shoe is very important in anyone’s life. Consider wearing normal running shoes on the first day of badminton training, what impression your coach or team will take from you?

So, it can also reflect your reputation. Wearing badminton shoes will also show your dedication to your coach and team.

Are running shoes good for volleyball?


A good pair of shoes will last longer than others. We can say basketball shoes and volleyball shoes can be used to some extent but using running shoes for badminton will totally be a mistake.

Running shoes will not comfort your feet and you can lose your consideration. Weight, upper, midsole, and other factors really affect your stamina and game quality. So, try to wear badminton shoes for playing badminton.

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