Can Snakes Bite Through Hiking Boots?

Can Snakes Bite Through Hiking Boots? (Solved & Explained)

Hiking is an adventurous activity that allows us to explore nature’s beauty. During our outdoor escapades, we often encounter various creatures, and snakes are one of them. But can snakes bite through hiking boots? Let’s find out!

Once, while hiking in the wilderness, I had a nerve-wracking encounter with a snake. I was wearing my trusty hiking boots, but the question of whether they could protect me from a potential snake bite lingered in my mind.

To put my fears to rest, I delved into thorough research on whether snakes could penetrate hiking boots. The findings were enlightening, and in this article, I’ll share my discoveries with you. So keep reading to learn more about staying safe on your hiking adventures!

Can snakes bite through hiking boots? 

The answer to this question depends upon the thickness, quality of the shoe, and the size of the snake. In this article, we will discuss the possibility of being bitten by a snake during hiking.


  • You can be bitten by a snake during hiking very easily. If the snake is more than normal, it can reach your skin through its sharp teeth. These are some parameters that can save us from snake biting. 
  • If you are wearing thin-material shoes, then it is very dangerous for you. If you are wearing this type of shoe, a small snake can bite you. So, choose your shoe wisely.
  • Rubber shoes also cannot prevent you from the bitten by a snake. Rubber cannot stop the sharp teeth of a snake. So, don’t make the mistake of wearing rubber shoes. Rubber which is used in shoes is very thin. The teeth of the snake can easily penetrate through this.

What types of hiking boots are good to prevent snake bites?

  • High arches
  • Thick leather shoes
  • Cowhide shoes
  • Leg pads

1. High arches

The low-arch shoe is also very dangerous. Let’s suppose the snake cannot bite through your shoe. After this try, it will surely try to bite on your leg and if you are not wearing high-arch shoes, you will get bitten by it. 

2. Thick leather shoe

If you are wearing thin leather shoes, you cannot protect yourself from a bite. The sharp venomous teeth will penetrate through your leather shoe. So, use thick leather shoes. This leather can save you from the bite of even an average snake. Use some money and buy protective shoes.

3. Cowhide shoes

The experienced hikers have told us that the shoes which are made from the dried hide of the cow, can save you from snake biting. After drying the hide, it becomes very rigid and hard that cannot be broken by the snake bite. So, these are a little costly but are very protective. So, you should wear these shoes instead of the normal common hiking shoes.

4. Leg pads

If you have low-arch shoes, you have to wear leg pads that are specially designed to protect you from snake biting. These pads are made from a very rigid and hard material that stops the teeth penetration of the snake into your leg. So, use all possible protective measurements before going hiking.

By using these measurements, you can save yourself from venomous snake bites and can continue hiking without any danger.

If a snake bit you!

These are ae possibilities that explain the bite of a snake during hiking. Now we will discuss if we have got bitten by a snake, what should we do:

  • First of all, we should not hike alone if we have a danger of snakes on trial. Always hike in groups. Groups can bring solutions in an emergency. So, try to avoid solo hiking.
  • If you got bitten by a snake, do not run. Stay calm and sit down. Because when you will run the blood pressure will be increased and the venom will spread more quickly and you die in an instant. So, calm down and sit if you are bitten by a snake.
  • First of all, call the emergency helpline to send an ambulance. After calling do the instant actions that should be performed. 
  • Take a cloth or a rope, and tie it to your leg to slow the flow of blood. This will make the venom slow to spread in your leg. After tying the cloth or rope, take a knife or scissors and cut the wound so that it will start to burst out of your leg. This will help to get out the venom from your leg instantly. 

Please be careful while hiking because it is a life-risking activity. Use all the protective measurements before going to hike. This will save you from any type of danger and threat. The venom can kill you in seconds. So, be careful while hiking, and do not try to go alone on hiking.

It is a refreshing activity if your trail has no snakes. It can be a cause of your good health and mind. It also reduces depression and anxiety. Some people have a curiosity to explore new places. They should consider the safety protocols first. It is a very healthy activity but in a safe place.

Best brands that have good hiking boots to prevent snake bites

  • Dr. Martens
  • Clarks
  • Timberland
  • Blundstone
  • Hush puppies
  • Borjan

These brands are known for their best and most durable products. These brands have proven the quality and durability of their product. The customers are also loyal to these brands.

Brands that have cowhide shoes

  • Lucchese Boots
  • Tecovas
  • Justin boots
  • Tony Lama boots
  • Ariat Boots


So, the snakes can bite you from your shoe if it has a thick upper. You must wear a shoe which has cowhide or thick leather. The shoe should have a high arch. This will also protect you from snake biting.

Try to hike in groups and keeps first aid things in your hiking bag for instant action. This will help you stay with protection and will help you in times of emergency.

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