Can Tennis Shoes Be Used for Basketball

Can Tennis Shoes Be Used For Basketball? (Solved & Explained)

Tennis shoes, are a popular footwear choice designed for playing tennis on the court. These shoes are crafted with specific features to provide comfort, stability, and traction for quick lateral movements and frequent stops during tennis matches.

I once found myself wondering if I could use my trusty tennis shoes for playing basketball, as I didn’t own basketball-specific footwear. I wanted to avoid investing in another pair if possible, but I was uncertain if it would be a suitable choice.

To clear my doubts, I researched to understand whether tennis shoes are indeed a viable option for basketball. In this article, I will share my findings and insights on this matter. Let’s explore whether tennis shoes can hold up on the basketball court or if it’s better to opt for basketball shoes.

Read on to find out!

Can tennis shoes be used for basketball?

In my point of view, you can use tennis shoes for basketball but specific basketball shoes should be better and more comfortable. Both shoes also have some same features like cushioning effect, weight, and upper sole but basketball shoes are more protective features like high ankle arch, rubber sole, toe protection, etc.

Shoes are very important and almost the central part of sports equipment. Choosing the right shoes can be an advantage for you. Accepting failure just to save some money is not a wise idea.

We’ll discuss some points which will make it clear to choose your shoes for basketball.

Why tennis shoes can be used for basketball? 

Can Tennis Shoes Be Used for Basketball

Following are the reasons which allow you to use tennis shoes in place of badminton shoes:

  • Cushioning effect
  • Weight
  • Sole
  • Wider base

1. Cushioning Effect

Tennis shoes have cushioning soles just like basketball shoes. When you have to jump up and down, it creates tension and shock.

The Cushioning ability of shoes absorbs this shock and prevents you from injuring yourself. Cushioning ability gives you flexibility.

2. Weight

The weight of both tennis shoes and basketball shoes is very light. So, you don’t need to drag shoes while playing.

The light weight allows you to play without any irritation. Weight matters a lot in any sport. It’s very difficult to play in heavy shoes.

3. Sole 

The base sole of the shoes is also the same for both shoes. Both shoes have rubber soles and nibs which produce stability and grip between the shoe and the court.

So, it’s protective and we can use tennis shoes in place of basketball shoes.

4. Wider Base

Tennis shoes have a wider base than basketball shoes. The wider base of the shoe allows more stability while playing.

It controls you from falling and leaning over. The lug on the sides of the shoes also supports you from falling.

Some people have the opposite point of view. They think it’s a terrible idea to wear tennis shoes in place of basketball shoes while playing basketball.

Why are the right shoes important?

The Right shoe should be used for every game otherwise it can be very bad for you. They state the following reasons:

  • Ankle arch
  • Breathable upper
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Design of shoe

1. Ankle Arch

The ankle arch is made up of foam material so, it doesn’t irritate you.

It has a very important function. It protects our ankle from injury and it also helps to keep our feet in the shoes. Tennis shoes don’t have this feature.

That is why it is not recommended. It also prevents your ankle from rolling or twisting.

2. Breathable upper

Basketball shoes have breathable upper. It allows air to get in and out but tennis shoes have tight upper.

The tight upper doesn’t allow air and as a result, a lot of sweating occurs. Sweating makes players irritated and disgusted.

It can also cause slipping while playing which is why tennis shoes are not recommended.

3. Anti-slip sole

Basketball is an indoor game. The court flour is made up of PVC-like material. The base sole of a basketball is made up of rubber and plastic mixed material which makes it less slippery than tennis shoes.

Tennis shoes don’t have this ability. So, while playing you can fall and can have serious injuries like broken bones or muscle etc.

So, that is why you should not use tennis shoes. 

4. Design of the shoe 

Tennis is a single-directional game but in basketball, you have to move in multi-directions.

Tennis shoes are not designed to move in various directions but basketball shoes are designed for a sudden change of direction.

So, tennis shoes are dangerous for playing basketball. In a second you have to change direction and jump and land, that is why tennis shoes are not good.  

Can running be used in Basketball?    

No, we cannot use running shoes for basketball. Running shoes are designed for moving in only one direction but in basketball, you have to move in almost every direction at a very sudden.

Running shoes are heavier than basketball shoes which need more force to move and they also make you feel uncomfortable.

Running shoes also don’t have any protection like cushioning effect, midsole, toe protection or heel protection, etc. That is why running shoes are not suitable for playing basketball.

Are there any sports shoes that we can use?

If you want to play a few times, you can wear tennis, badminton or even gym shoes for basketball. But if you want to play professionally or in a proper team then you should wear proper basketball shoes.

These sports shoes also have almost the same features like cushioning, weight, rubber soles, stability, etc.

These are reasons which allow you to wear other shoes for basketball. 

You can wear every shoe which allows air to cross from the shoe and prevent sweating. Sweating can distract you and it can also be irritating for you. It can make you fall by slipping on your feet.

Sweating can distract you from playing basketball. If don’t feel comfortable you cannot perform well.

So, I don’t think you should mess up your career just to save some money.

So, you should be more specific about choosing your shoe for your game. 

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For Tennis?


For a proper and professional game, you have to use the right shoes for basketball. The shoes play very importantly in the game. Basketball shoes have a lot of protection for feet which is very important.

Basketball needs very sudden actions, so, use those shoes which can tackle this sudden action. In proper basketball shoes, you won’t feel tiredness or any irritation that will lead you to failure. Wearing basketball shoes will be an advantage for you.

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