Can You Dry Sneakers in the Oven

Can You Dry Sneakers in the Oven? (Everything You Should Know)

Have you ever thought if it’s safe to dry sneakers in the oven? Well, you’re not alone! Many people have faced this dilemma when their beloved sneakers get soaked in rain or mud. In this article, we’ll explore the possibility of using the oven for this purpose.

I remember a time when I got caught in a sudden downpour during a hiking trip, and my sneakers were soaked through. Desperate to wear them the next day, I considered using the oven to dry them. But, I hesitated as I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to research the topic thoroughly. After scouring through various sources and expert advice, I discovered some surprising facts about drying sneakers in the oven. To find out what I learned, read the entire article.

Can you dry sneakers in the oven?

No, you cannot dry your sneakers in the oven. It is a very foolish thing to dry your sneakers in the oven. The oven can ruin your sneakers.

It has many demerits like damage to glue, sole, inner sole upper, etc. Now we are going to see what factors which do not allow us to dry our sneakers in the oven.

Why You Should Not Dry Sneakers in the Oven?

If you dry your sneakers in the oven, your sneakers are destroyed for sure. Following are some reasons that cease us to dry our sneakers in the dryer:

  • Adhesives
  • The midsole
  • The outer sole
  • The upper of the shoe
  • Plastics
  • Laces of sneakers

1. Adhesives

 If you dry your shoes in the oven, the adhesives or the glue that is used to make your shoes will melt and will be damaged.

As you will use your shoe it will tear apart within 1 or 2 days. So, that is the reason you cannot use your oven to dry the sneakers.

It can also ruin your oven with the spreader glue.

So, use another method to dry your sneakers.

2. The midsole

The midsole of the sneaker is made up of wool material which allows you cushioning while playing.

The oven emits radiation to warm the food.

These radiations are very dangerous. These can burn your inner or middle sole in seconds. It can affect the inner sole of the shoe if it’s not even made of wool.

Your sneaker will be of no use because of the end of cushioning ability.

So, do not try to dry your sneaker in the oven.

 3. The outer sole

Some sneakers have a rubber sole on the outside. The radiation from the oven will melt the rubber and your shoe will be destroyed.

The rubber will destroy your oven and the burning of rubber can cause air pollution because when it burns, it produces toxic gases like carbon monoxide, etc.

So, it is very dangerous in both ways, the shoes and the air.

 4. The upper of the shoe

The upper of the shoe is usually made up of cloth to allow airflow in your shoe. The oven will burn the upper in seconds. So, your sneakers are destroyed.

When the upper wall is on fire, your oven can explode you it can be a massive disaster for you.

In this way, you can lose your oven too.

So, do not try to dry your sneakers in any type of oven.

 5. Plastics

The sneakers also have very extra designs for the beauty of the shoe. It is made up of plastic material either hard or in melted form.

Plastic is also prohibited to warm up food. So, the plastic can melt all over your sneaker and can make it worse.

And plastic also can be flammable. So, it’s a very dangerous thing to do. 

6. Laces of sneakers

The laces are often made up of cotton. And the cotton is highly flammable. It can catch fire in seconds. The fire can destroy your sneaker. So, it is a foolish thing to do. 

 When your shoe is on fire, it can cause a big blast in your house. All the ovens are almost set on gas. And gas is the worst enemy of fire.

The fire can move to the gas connection and this is a big reason for the blast. So, do not try to do this stupidity.

There are many ways to dry your sneakers. Use those methods and be safe.

Other methods to dry sneakers

There are a lot of methods that are used to dry your sneakers. Some of the methods are given below.

These methods are safe and easy to perform. Following are some methods that can be used to dry your sneakers:

  • Newspaper
  • Fan
  • Sunlight


Newspaper is a very easy, economical, and quick method to dry your sneakers. Almost everyone has newspapers in his home. So, that is why it is very economical. 

How to use it?

First, look at your shoe and wash it if it is dirty or muddy. Before washing, please take off the inner soles of your shoe. If we wash our shoes with the sole the sole will be destroyed. It will get thicker and hard to use.

Wash your sneakers. Take a whole page of newspaper fold it like a ball and put it inside of your sneaker.

Try to take the page which has fewer words or diagrams on it because it may leave ink marks on the shoe. Place your shoe for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, take a look and see if it is still wet change the newspaper and let it rest for a while.

2. Fan

The fan is also a good source to dry your sneakers. The fan is an instant source of air. It can dry your sneakers very fast.

Following are the steps that you should follow while using this method.

How to use it?

First of all, wash your shoes with clean water and detergent. Take a metal wire. Make two hooks from it.

Take out your laces and hang your shoe with hooks in front of the fan. It will take 3 to 4 hours to dry. Remember to pull out the sole of the shoe before it will get destroyed.

3. Sunlight

Sunlight is also very useful for drying your sneakers. It is a natural way and you have nothing to use in this method. This is also a safe method.

How to use it?

It is very simple to dry your shoe in the sunlight. Wash your shoe with clean water and detergent. Take out your inner soles. Put these sneakers in direct sunlight. It can dry your shoe within a day. 

Sneakers can also be washed in the washing machine because it is also safe and reliable. Nowadays, specific sneakers washers have been introduced in the market.

These washers are designed to protect everything on the shoe. It takes care of your soul, inner soles, uppers, etc.


It is very dangerous to dry your sneakers in the oven. It can catch fire, can blast, and also can ruin your shoes. So, there’s no benefit to washing sneakers in the oven. Use other methods to dry sneakers. These are safe as well as cheap for everyone.

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