Can You Use Approach Shoes for Cycling (Solved & Explained)

Can You Use Approach Shoes for Cycling? (Solved & Explained)

Approach shoes are versatile footwear commonly used by hikers and climbers due to their excellent traction and support on rugged terrains. They are designed to provide stability and grip during approach hikes to climbing areas and are known for their sturdy construction.

As an avid cyclist, I once found myself in a predicament wondering if I could use approach shoes for my cycling adventures. With the desire to explore off-road trails and urban cycling, I wanted to know if these shoes could handle the demands of biking.

To find a solution, I researched whether approach shoes could be suitable for cycling activities. In this article, I will share my findings and insights to help you understand if using approach shoes for cycling is a viable option. So keep reading to explore the results!

Can You Use Approach Shoes for Cycling?

In terms of using for cycling, the approach shoes are not recommended. Cycling requires different specifications which are not present in approach shoes. Approach shoes have soft rubber soles while cycling needs hard and rigid soles for more grip. The upper is also very different in both shoes. 

Why are approach shoes not good for cycling?

There are many reasons which explain to us why we should not use approach shoes for cycling. Following are some reasons which explain best. 

Now we will discuss the differences between approach shoes and cycling shoes. Both shoes are manufactured for their specific sport and specific roles. 

So, the following are the specifications that we need for cycling: 

  • Sole 
  • Screw setup 
  • The upper 
  • Weight 

1. Sole 

The sole of a cycling shoe is very hard and rigid. Cycling is a forceful sport. We need to apply so much force on the paddles. 

So, if we wear a shoe which has a soft sole, our feet will start to pain. The hard sole prevents our feet to contact with the paddle. 

The approach shoes have a soft sole which is not good for paddling. That is why approach shoes cannot be used for cycling. 

2. Screw setup 

For cycling, we often use peloton shoes. These shoes are extra stable and good for grip. These shoes have a 3-screw hole setup. Which is adjustable. 

This setup gives you extra stability and grip on the paddle. The continuous force can slip your feet on peddling. 

That is why we use this shoe for cycling. 

3. The upper 

The upper of the cycling shoe is very tight and adjustable to your feet. It usually has two strips for adjusting according to your comfort and size. 

While the approach shoes do have laces but they are not used for tightness or adjustment. The loose sole can be irritated you while cycling. 

That is why we cannot use approach shoes for cycling. 

4. Weight 

The weight of a cycling shoe is very important. The cycling shoe is very weightless. The sole is rigid but very light. The upper feels like a single-layer cloth.

The approach shoes have a heavy rubber sole which makes them very heavy.

Actually, this type of weight is very good for hiking because the heavyweight gives more stability to you on a rocky surface. 

But is very useless for cycling. So, we cannot use approach shoes for cycling.  


In last, I would like to recommend that you should wear cycling shoes for cycling. Approach shoes are not designed for cycling. These are also not suitable for cycling.

You can slip your feet from the paddle and can injure yourself by falling. So, for protective measures, spend some money and buy cycling shoes.

It is both professional and useful for you. So, avoid approaching shoes for cycling.

Are any other shoes that can be used for cycling? 

As a professional, I would recommend you to wear cycling shoes for cycling because it is safer and more professional. 

If you are going to join a team or coach, you must wear cycling shoes. But if you are doing it for some time, there are many shoes that be an alternative to cycling shoes. 

There are many other sports that have all the protective measurements like cycling shoes. 

So, for a short time, you can wear the following shoes while cycling: 

Etc. The shoes for these sports are favorable for cycling. So, if you are cycling for a short time, you can wear these shoes but for professional cycling, you must new shoes.  

Best brands that have the best cycling shoes 

Cycling shoes have many qualities depending on the manufacturer. These are produced locally and also by many brands. 

Brands always focus on quality over quantity. 

Following are some best brands for cycling shoes: 

  • DHB Dorica Carbon cycling shoes 
  • Shimano RC5 cycling shoes 
  • Cube RD Sydrix Pro road shoes 
  • Specialized Torch 1.0 cycling shoes 
  • Bont Vaypor S shoes 

These shoes can be found in their brand retail stores and as well as on their manufacturer’s website. 

Some of these articles can also be found on Amazon. 

So, choose wisely because you are spending a lot of money to buy these. 

What is special about approach shoes?

The approach shoes are hybrid shoes which are between hiking shoes and climbing shoes. The protection of this shoe is like climbing shoes like the toe protection, the arch, the sole flexibility, etc.

While the upper and inner is like hiking shoes. This shoe is used to walk in the mountains and on uneven and pointy surfaces. If you want a walk for 4 to 5 miles on trails or a hill area, approach shoes are very good for use.

Are approach shoes good for hiking?