do basket ball shoes have arc support

Do Basketball Shoes Have Arc Support? (Everything to Know)

Have you ever think if basketball shoes provide enough arch support? Well, let me introduce you to the fascinating world of basketball shoes. These specialized athletic footwear are designed to enhance performance and protect the feet during intense court play.

I remember the time when I was an avid basketball player, struggling with discomfort and foot pain while wearing regular sneakers. It seemed like my shoes lacked proper arch support, impacting my game and causing discomfort after each match.

Driven by my curiosity and the need for a solution, I delved into researching the significance of arch support in basketball shoes. Through my findings, I came across valuable insights that shed light on the importance of this feature.

To discover more, read on and explore the comprehensive research in the following sections of this article.

Do basketball shoes have arc support?

Yes, basketball shoes have arch support. It is very important to see before buying a shoe that is it according to your feet or not. Fitness, arch support, weight, these types of things are very important. You should also consider the design of your feet. Is it flat or curved? So, buy according to these specifications. 

If you have purchased a shoe that does not has an arch in it and you have curved feet, you can find an arch pad from any store.

It is also available in the market. You should buy that to avoid injuries and other disadvantages. This will help you perform better and will be an advantage for you. 

Why do you need arch support?

do basket ball shoes have arc support

Following are some reasons which push us to buy basketball shoes with an arch:

  • Feet style
  • Pressure handling
  • Support
  • Prevent pain
  • Balance

1. Feet style

It’s very important to notice what is the style of our feet, is it flat or has an arch?

It is very difficult to walk on a flat surface with a foot’s arch because it can cause pain in your ankle. If you are still using it, it can injure you severely.

Like above, walking with flat feet on an ankle shoe is more dangerous.

It can cause pain under your feet like heels, sore feet part, etc. so, choose according to the style of your feet.

2. Pressure handling

The arch supports our feet and handles the pressure of our body, produced while continuously jumping and landing during playing.

So, it has a very big benefit while being in shoes. It also divides the pressure equally on the feet. It prevents pain in the feet. 

3. Support

It gives you support not only to your feet but to your entire body. It gives you cushioning effect while playing basketball.

It helps to keep your hip, spine, and knee in alignment. The people that do not take care of this support often have backbone issues.

4. Prevent pain

It also corrects the alignment of feet which is a type of massage that prevents us from pain.

When the bones and muscles are in their place and aligned, you won’t feel tired or any type of pain.

5. Balance

The arch balances us while playing because, in basketball, we need very instant movements that can cause imbalance to our body and we can feel.

So, the arch stabilizes our bodies and gives us support while playing.

Basketball shoe brands that have arch support and not

Sr #Brand NamesHave arch supportCan get it from Amazon
1Littleplum KidYesYes
5AND 1NoNo
7Under ArmerYesYes

Types of arches

In an athletic career, you need a lot of support like knee, heel, ankle, etc. Wearing arches can also be beneficial for you because it maintains the pressure, supports your heel, prevents pain, etc. so, the arches are very important when shoe selection. Following are some types of arches:

  • Gel technology
  • Heating pad
  • Wool pad
  • Heavy duty
  • Insole of kids

1. Gel technology:

Gel arch pads prevent shock produced during continuous jumping and landing. It prevents us from arch pain. It gives us the cushioning effect while jumping. This cushioning effect prevents knee, heel, and ankle injuries.

2. Heating pad

 A heat-moldable pad is used to massage the feet with heat. The heat produced from rubbing the feet on the pad while playing prevents your feet from tiredness and pain.

3. Wool pad

The wool pad provides you extra comfort while playing basketball. It also works as a heat insulator in cold weather. It also provides warmth to prevent tiredness and pain in our feet.

4. Heavy duty

This pad is designed for players who weigh above 200 pounds. It supports them and keeps their bones aligned to prevent back pain etc.

5. Insoles of kids

Some children also feel trouble while playing in simple sneakers or shoes and also complain about foot pain, this sole is specially designed for kids, it gives them comfort and warmth to prevent pain and tiredness.

Can anyone wear arched basketball shoes?

No, not everyone can wear these types of shoes because there are two types of feet people have: curved feet and flat feet.

The arched shoes are only beneficial for people having curved feet/ arched feet. Flat people should wear flat shoes otherwise they can injure himself/herself.

Everything is not made for everyone. Same like those flat feet people cannot wear arched shoes and people with cured feet cannot wear flat soles.

This is very painful for both types of people, so, don’t try to use inverse scenarios.

So, buy the right kind of shoes for playing basketball.


In the end, I would like to say that basketball shoes do have arch support in some of their shoes. It prevents you from different types of injuries, pain, etc. it gives you support and balances your foot pressure.

But this is only beneficial for people who have curved feet. Flatt feet people will have a loss to wear ankle support shoes.

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