how to fix squeaky shoes

4 Ways to Fix Squeaky Tennis Shoes?

Have you ever been bothered by the irritating squeaking sound coming from your favorite tennis shoes? If so, you’re not alone! Many tennis shoe brands, known for their style and comfort, may sometimes develop a squeaky problem during regular use.

I remember the frustration of wearing my brand-new tennis shoes, only to discover they started squeaking after a few days. It was not only embarrassing but also distracting. I searched for a quick fix but couldn’t find a reliable solution.

In my quest to silence those squeaky shoes, I delved into extensive research, exploring various techniques and remedies. Through trial and error, I finally discovered effective methods to fix squeaky tennis shoes. Read on to learn the tricks and regain your peaceful stride!

How to fix squeaky tennis shoes

how to fix squeaky shoes

Following are some methods that can be used to fix squeaky shoes.

  • Spray
  • Baby powder
  • Paper towel
  • Tape

1. Spray

Squeaky tennis shoes can be fixed by spray that is used to prevent rust, free sticky mechanisms, and drives out moisture.

The name of that spray is WD-40. It is used to fic squeaky tennis shoes you can fix any kind of shoe with this spray.

How to use this spray

Apply this spray to the inner sole of squeaky shoes. Apply it correctly. Spray evenly on the whole inner sole of the shoes.

Rest it for at least two days. After two days, you will see that your shoe has been fixed. There will be no voice by walking the shoes. This works 80 to 90 %. 

2. Baby powder

Squeaky shoes can be fixed by using baby powder too. The powder that is used for babies. Many companies make baby powders like Johnson’s baby, Himalaya’s baby powder, Nivea, etc.

These powders are also used to fix squeaky tennis shoes. People also say that this is a quick way to fix squeaky shoes. 

How to use this powder

Apply powder on the inner sole of the shoes so that it covers the sole properly. Use your hand to apply the powder evenly.

Rest it for some time. After some time, it will be fixed. This powder will also vanish the bad smell of shoes because the baby powder is manufactured with fragrances. 

3. Paper towel

A Paper towel is also used to fix squeaky shoes. Sometimes the reason to become a squeaky shoe is that water under the inner sole of the shoe.

So, a paper towel is also a prevention method to fix squeaky shoes.

How to use a paper towel

Make a pad of paper towels according to the size of the shoe. Place it under the inner sole to absorb the water which is present under the inner sole. The tennis shoe will be fixed in no time.

4. Tape

Tape is also very useful to fix squeaky tennis shoes. The shoes squeak when the interaction of the inner sole with the base sole is disturbed.

So, the shoes start to squeak and start to make different noises. So, now the shoe needs to be fixed.

How to use tape

Take out the inner sole. Push it and see from where the sole makes noise. Have a tape which can be any kind like duct tape, medical tape, etc. cut a piece of it and apply it to the middle arches of the inner sole. This will help to fix your shoe.

Are squeaky tennis shoes really bad?

Yes, squeaky tennis shoes are very bad to wear. It makes very irritating noises and might disturb you while playing.

So, these shoes should be fixed. It can create a very bad image of you to others.

These noises can also distract you from playing and can be irritating for you and your teammates. So, you should fix your shoes as soon as possible.

There is no need to buy a new shoe when your shoe starts to squeak. Use the above-mentioned methods and fix your tennis shoe for playing. You don’t need to buy a new pair of shoes.

This is not a wise thing to do. Because it can cost you to have new pair of shoes. So, fix the old shoe and continue your goal without any interruption.


Squeaky shoes are very bad to wear in a crowd or anywhere because they create a very bad noise while playing. Squeaky shoes can be fixed easily with usual things like:

  • Spray
  • Baby powder
  • Paper towel
  • Tape

why have new pair of shoes when you can fix the old one? So, don’t try to wear these shoes on the team because it can be irritating for others as well as for yours.

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