How to Spot Fake Bed Stu Boots (5 Ways to Spot)

I had always been a fan of Bed Stu boots, so when I saw a pair on sale online, I couldn’t resist. But when they arrived, something seemed off.

The leather felt too thin and the stitching was uneven. I had been duped by a fake pair. I was determined to prevent this from happening again, so I did some research and learned the telltale signs of fake Bed Stu boots.

Now, I want to share my knowledge with others, so they too can spot fake Bed Stu boots and avoid being scammed.

How to Spot Fake Bed Stu Boots

“Spotting fake Bed Stu boots: check the leather quality, wooden sole, hand stitching, neatness, and natural dyes. Real leather is soft and flexible with a grainy texture, real wood is irregular and expensive, hand stitching is one-way, and natural dyes are not shiny.”

If you did not understand or need more detail then read on.

1. Leather 

The best and the main thing which can tell you if the boots are real or fake is the leather. The real bed stu boots are made up of pure and fine leather. 

Real leather is always soft and flexible but also has a grainy effect. The real leather will feel warm and real leather is not stretchable. 

The fake leather will be very smooth and hard. Usually, people have the wrong concept of leather. 

They think it’s hard and smooth but in reality, real leather is very soft and flexible. So, be careful while buying shoes. 

2. The sole 

The original manufacturer of bed stu has always used wooden soles. It means the outer of the sole is wood. And the wood is 100% real. 

But the fake one will use fake wood which is shinier and produces more sound while walking. 

The real wood is very expensive, that is the reason, the real bs stu boots are very expensive. Real wood is never symmetric or regular pattern. 

It is always irregular and has holes or spots in it. 

That is how you can find the real bed stu boots or the fake ones. 

3. The stitching 

These are handmade shoes. The real one will be sewn with hands. The stitching also will be done by hand. 

The fake one will never do such hard work on a shoe. So, he will sew your shoe on the machine. This is the point; you can catch a fake Brooker. 

Hand stitching is never two-way stitching. It is always one way. 

The fake one will use machines and machines can sew two-way. So, this is also a major difference between real bed stu and fake bed stu. 

4. Neatness 

The real bed stu manufacturer will always focus on quality. They cannot make quantity because these are handmade shoes, and handmade shoes take time to be prepared. 

So, they will manufacture their products neatly and beautifully. So, the rough shoe will be fake without any doubt. The bed stu has made its name by focusing only on the quality of shoes. 

The real bed stu boots are always very neat and attractive. The real one will not have the excess of any adhesives, glue or threads, etc. 

5. Natural dyes 

The real bed stu boots are colored with natural dyes. The reason to use these dyes is the original leather. 

The synthetic color I’ll never remain on the leather for a long time. That is why they used synthetic dyes. The fake one will have a shining color. 

Rember that natural dyes are never shiny. So, be careful while buying bed stu shoes.  


There are a lot of things that tell us whether the shoe is fake or real. The following are those things:

  • Leather 
  • The sole 
  • The stitching 
  • Neatness 
  • Natural dyes  

Are Fake Bed Stu Boots Worth Buying? 

Yes, the fake bed stu boots are worth it. As you know, it is a handmade shoe, manufactured with whole natural materials.

The color is also made synthetically. Due to these qualities, the shoe becomes very expensive. But if we talk about the quality, the price will not bother you. Because these shoes are very durable and natural.

You can use these for years because these shoes are not easily breakable. Natural things prevent these to get weak or something. So, yes, it’s worth buying it. 

Is anyone familiar with the quality of Bed Stu?

Yes, I am familiar with the brand Bed Stu. They are known for their high-quality leather shoes and accessories, with a focus on handcrafted, rustic designs.

Many people appreciate the durability and unique style of their products. Overall, Bed Stu products are considered to be of good quality.

Any experience with Bed Stu?

Yes, I have had experience with Bed Stu. I have a few pairs of their shoes and have been really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship.

The leather is really soft and comfortable to wear, and the shoes have held up well over time. I also appreciate the unique and edgy style of their designs.

Overall, I have been very happy with my Bed Stu purchases and would definitely recommend them to others looking for durable and stylish footwear.

Are affordable boots similar to Bedstu?

There are several affordable boots that are similar to Bedstu, such as Dr. Martens 1460, the Clarks Desert Boot, and the Timberland 6-Inch Premium Boot.

These boots all have a similar rugged and durable style and are made with high-quality materials. Additionally, they are all relatively affordable, with prices ranging from around $100 to $200.

So if you’re looking for a boot that has a similar look and feels to Bedstu, but doesn’t break the bank, these options are definitely worth considering.

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