How to tell if Skechers are Fake? (Detailed Answer) 

Everyone wants to have a nice pair of sneakers that will give you a look and style and also the comfort you desire. But when you think of buying an aesthetic and extraordinarily comfy pair of shoes, Skechers is the brand that pops up in your mind.

Skechers is a well-known brand that is popular among people regarding its comfort, sporty styles, and budget-friendly options.

You might know that most engineers, workers, health care providers, and people from different professions who have to work on their all day long choose Skechers as their go-to brand for comfy shoes.

These give them comfort and stability while doing different tasks at their job place and keep their style game up all the time. But with the style and never-ending comfort, one fear will come to your mind that how to buy genuine Skechers while avoiding the fake ones.

When you spend a lot of money to buy a genuine product then this fear is justifiable and you must know how to tell if Skechers are fake.

I have worked in a shoe store for 3 years and have personally experienced such issues. I also have attended various workshops which trained us that how to spot fake sneakers.

In this guide, I will walk you through the different tips and techniques which will enable you that how to tell if Skechers are fake.

How to tell if Skechers are fake?

Some various tips and techniques will enable you that how to tell if Skechers are fake or not. Irregularities in stitching, branding, low-quality materials, and third-class manufacturing are the indicators that will help you to spot fake ones.

Now, let’s dig in and check out the various methods which will help you to catch the fake Skechers.

  • The outsole material is made cheap
  • Fake Skechers Insole is not comfy
  • Base padding made of poor materials
  • Fake Skechers upper is not an authentic fabric
  • Genuine Skechers Laces are not flat and gimmicky
  • Fake Skechers Lace Holes are not finished
  • Skechers Tongue Features

1. Outsole Material is Made Cheap:

When you go out to a shoe store with the intent of buying a perfect Skechers for you then you should keep this tip in your mind. This tip will help you how to tell if Skechers are fake.

After trying the different sizes and styles when you decide to buy your desired pair you should inspect the shoes by yourself.

Check the outsole and look for the “Skechers” branding: The original one will have the Skechers printed on the outsole somewhere but most commonly at the center of the outsole. This Skechers branding will not be present on the fake ones. This will help you how to tell if Skechers are fake.

Another thing that you must check in the outsole is the flexibility and bounce of the outsole rubber: Cheap quality replicas will not have the flexibility in the outsole, also their outsole will be less bouncy to your fingertip when you press it. This is a great criterion of checking the outsole which will help you to how to tell if Skechers are fake.

The third thing which you should look out for in the outsole is the finish of the rubber: Original ones will have the fine trimming of the outsole and their outsole will be looking polished and premium to your eyes. However, on the other hand, the fake one’s rubber does not have the finished look. They will appear thready and unfinished to your eyes.

2. Fake Skechers Insole is Not Comfy:

When you look into the quality of the insole by pulling up into your hand you will notice that the genuine insoles have quality build material will proper cushioning in it.

Its sides will be evenly finished and will have a proper Skechers branding on it. The sides of the insoles are properly pressed with the Skecher’s cutting-edge technology.

However, when you check the fake ones, their insole will be less comfy or there is no comfort or flex at all. Cheap quality replicas even use cardboard insole with a little foaming sheet glued on the surface to give an eye catchy look. But these will disturb your feet most pathetically. Insole quality can also be used to tell if the Skechers are fake.

3. Base Padding Made of Poor Materials:

When Genuine Skechers are made they ensure top-notch quality not only on the exterior but also on the hidden parts of the sneaker such as Base padding. This is a type of area which is remained hidden all the time and may never be visible to your eyes when you wear your Skechers.

But despite its hidden place Skechers never comprise on the quality and finish of such place. Genuine Skechers Base padding is properly sewn and made with cushioned material instead of cardboard which mostly fake replicas have.

In addition to the cushioned material, replicas also have poor sewing in the base padding which does not seem pleasant to one’s eyes.

By looking into the insole and inner base padding you can confidently answer the question pretty well that how to tell if Skechers are fake.

4. Upper is not made from Authentic Material:

Skechers are a globally renowned brand and with its budget-friendly options, it is the go-to sneaker brand for all comfort lovers.

But even though it falls under the budget category Skechers never fell for the cheap quality materials. All of their parts are made with top-notch authentic materials.

The upper is the presenting part of every shoe. Most people choose their sneakers by only looking at the upper. Skechers uppers come in a variety of shapes and styles with the best-in-class materials and specifications.

Their fabric is specially made for different environments and their quality is also up to the mark. Finish and fabric quality are the two major factors that help you to spot genuine sneakers from fake ones.

5. Genuine Skechers Laces are not flat and gimmicky:

When genuine Skechers are made their accessories are selected according to the design of the sneakers. Mostly their laces are round which gives a premium look and also, they are easier to tie and handle.

On the other hand, laces are built with lower quality material which may show threads budding out and also, they are flat which is difficult to handle and tie.

Laces ends are properly punched with metal or premium quality plastic material in the genuine sneakers but not in the replicas.

6. Fake Skechers Lace Holes are not finished:

Genuine Skechers are built with state-of-the-art machinery which applies even pressure when punching the laces holes. This gives them a finished look and it becomes easier to pass the laces from them.

On the other hand, fake sneakers or replicas are built with outdated machinery which gives a poor look to the lace holes.

7. Skechers Tongue Features:

Genuine Skechers tongue shows the proper sewing, and size tag which is high quality printed on a small fabric and is sewn to the inner side of the tongue. The Skechers logo is also present on the inside of the shoe tongue.

However, in the case of the replicas size tag print is of poor quality and there is no branding on the inner of the tongue.


By far we have discussed various tips and tricks which can help you to how tell If Skechers are fake. These features are widespread in the sneaker you should do a proper self-inspection before them.

These features include the quality of the sewing, high-quality rubberized outsole, insole, and comfy base padding. Apart from that laces and lace holes are also of premium quality which gives a feel of originality.

In the end, the tongue of the Skechers bears certain characteristics which are also enough to point out the replica. These features include a high-quality size tag and the Skechers branding logo on the inside of the tongue.

These are the features that will guide you through the sneaker-buying process and will allow you to purchase a genuine Skechers pair. We keep updating our blog whenever new authentic information is available regarding the Skechers. You can also contact us via our contact us page to share your experience.

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