Danner Bull Run vs Thorogood Moc Toe (Detailed Comparison)

Owning a good pair of work shoes that provide you comfort and style and are durable is very important. Especially when your feet will be staying in them for a long period of the day.

If you are thinking of buying new work shoes for yourself, you must be wondering what should be your next big purchase. Danner bull run or Thorogood moc toe. Will buying these boots be worth your investment and which one is better?

 You are on the right site. In this article, we will be discussing all the differences and will compare both. After reading this article you will be able to guess which one you should buy. Danner red bull or Thorogood moc toe.

Let’s get started…

What is Danner Bull Run?

When it comes to work boots than Danner is not a brand that needs any introduction. Danner bull runs are boots that are very well known for their style, comfort, and durability.

Danner bull run boots are built to push off any natural hindrance during your physical work. These boots are made from full leather and borax fabric.

Use of these made the boots breathable and waterproof which keeps your feets dry even when you’re working in standing water. They could be resold easily due to stitch-down construction.

They can challenge all the hurdles during your physical work and all the weather conditions.

The outsole of these boots is made from such material which makes it shock resistant and provides your boots great traction. These will not slip easily even on oily surfaces.

Despite these boots, these boots are very comfortable and flexible. The nylon shanks enhance the flexibility of your Danner. These come in both a comfortable wedge outsole and a heavy-duty Vibram outsole.

The comfortable wedge outsole is for smooth surfaces and the vibram outsole is for uneven surfaces.

The classic lace toe design provides you with the toughness and comfort that you need while transferring your feet. These boots provide you the control of your feet

What is Thorogood moc toe?

The Thorogood brand is also a very well-known brand in the boots industry. When it comes to purchasing boots, people also consider it. These boots provide you with the style of heavy-duty boots which can withstand harsh weather conditions.

On uneven surfaces, your boots can interact with water and a marshy environment, and your Thorogood Moc toe can also resist these environmental conditions.

These boots are made up of 100% leather and wedge soles which provide the comfort that your feet may need for working on erratic surfaces.

Thorogood moc-toe are made up of leather rather than rubber. These boots come with a steel shank to ensure the sturdiness and protection of the lower part of your boots. These boots mostly offer

  • Synthetic Eva footbed
  • Wedge sole
  • Triple stitched uppers
  • Eyelets and speed hooks
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Cork molding layers

Danner Bull Run vs Thorogood Moc toe

FeaturesDanner BootsThorogood Boots
Made ofFull-grain, oil-tanned leather.100% high-quality leather.
Break-inGreat shock absorbency with Ortho-Lite footbed.Little-no break-in period.
Comfort & StabilityStable & comfortable to wear.Offers enough comfort and stability to users.
FlexibilityA bit hard.Not at all stiff.
Toe-ProtectionSafety toe, plain toe, & insulated versions.Safety toe, plain toe, moc toe, & insulated versions.
OutsolesLightweight soft wedge outsoles. Not the most durable.Polyurethane Max-Wear Wedge outsoles. No issues were reported.
InsolesUltimate shock absorbency with a comfy footbed and cushion-like insoles.Ultimate shock absorbency with a comfy foot-bed and cushion-like insoles.
ResolingNot the easiest to re-soleEasy to re-sole
SizesOffered in various sizes.Available in huge options.
ColorBrown in color. Few are black.Usually brown. Sometimes black.
LooksSubtly stylish look.Classy look. Ideal for casual situations.
ValueApprox. between $180-$200.Between $165-$290. Sometimes more.

1. Style

Talking about their style, both boots are of the same aesthetics. The Danner bull run is a good-looking boot. These are made up of full-grain leather, which ensures its strength and durability. It has a nice wide base.

The moc toe portion of Danner bull run is hand stitched which gives it a unique and sleek touch. The rest of the upper side of the boot is double-stitched for strength and has an extra layer along the ball of the boot for durability.

Although the stitching is not that much defined on the Danner bull run as compared to Thorogood moc toe. These boots have a unique stitch-down pattern which is different than any gold standard Goodyear weld work boot.

The Thorogood moc-toe are pretty chunky boots. These have the same full-grain, oil-tanned leather as the Danner bull run. These boots have a polyurethane rubber sole which makes it shockproof.

It has a 360° storm Goodyear welt, which makes it a little bit more water resistant than Danner bull run. Thorogood Moc toes have a little rich coming up that proves it has a storm welt.

Thorogood moc toes have three eyelets and three-speed hooks and a mysterious eyelet up top which makes it very unique and stylish. It has a padded collar and a pull tab in the back which makes it very easy to wear.

The stitching and the moc toe area are very nice. These boots have triple stitching on the upper side which makes them very stylish.

Overall, the aesthetics of these boots are the same but the Thorogood boots look more like work boots.

2. Leather quality

The quality of the leather is the factor that tells which boot is good for you. The Danner bull run is made up of full-grain leather. The leather is oil tanned which makes the leather very soft.

The leather of the Danner bull run is 1.5 mm thick which is 0.5 mm less than the standard width. It will not last long if you are going to use these in very rough conditions but if you are working in some kind of warehouse or working in a garage, the thin leather will be a plus point because it will be liable.

The thin leather makes it more breathable. However, these provide you with decent protection and stability. These boots could be a better option for summer.

On the other hand, the Thorogood moc toe leather quality is very solid. These boots are made up of tobacco leather. The leather is oil tanned which makes these boots more soft for you.

The leather of these boots is 2mm thick which makes it more safe and protected for you. These will be going to last more than Danner bull runs because the quality of the leather is very premium. Tobacco leather is one of the finest leathers.

Overall, The leather quality Thorogood moc toe is better than the Danner bull run but Danner would be more breathable.

3. Sole

The comfort and the quality of the sole tell you whether to buy a boot or not. The sole of a shoe affects the comfort of your feet the most. If your sole is designed in such a way that it comforts your feet, you will be able to wear these as long as you want without any issues.

Talking about the sole of the Danner bull run, the sole of Danner is very similar to the Thorogood moc toe. Danner uses a custom wedge outsole. The midsole is synthetic.

Its footbed is a fiberboard on which the midsole which is a piece of rubber is perfectly glued and attached to it. It may look like a negative point to you but it is not like that.

This material makes your dinner bull run more breathable and comfortable if you have sweaty feet and work outside in hot weather. The durability of these boots is pretty decent if you will be wearing these boots daily.

These boots will last about two years because the fiberboard tends to wear out easily. This brand offers you a steel shank in some of its boots which is very helpful if you ride a bike, stand on ladders, and climb poles.

Some of these boots don’t have steel shanks because the wedge outsole already provides decent support to the middle of the feet.

Danner bull runs are made from a non-conductive electrical shock-resistant sole and heel. The sole of these boots is also oil and slip resistant.

On the other hand, Thorogood moc toe uses our costumed MAXWear sole. This sole makes it more slip resistant and durable. The outsole of Thorogood moc toe is a little better in oily conditions than Danner bull run.

The Thorogood moc toe uses all synthetic fiber through the midsole. These boots also feature fiberglass shank instead of steel shank. Both of the soles of these boots can break in quicker to make your feet more comfortable there.

It also has very decent shock absorption like the Danner bull run. You will need to resole these boots after tough wearing of 18 – 24 months and if you will be wearing these with a lot of other boots, you will never need to resole these. If you are picking up boots for work the Thorogood moc toe would be a better option because it has .ore slip resistant.

4. Insole

The insole of the boot is the place where your feet will be resting the whole day. So it needs to be as comfortable as it could. The more the insole will be soft and comfortable the more you would like those boots.

The insole of the Danner bull run is a removable ortho-lite insole. The insole of the Thorogood moc toe is also removable. Thorogood uses a poron insole. The overall quality of both insoles is the same.

Both insoles provide the same level of comfort. Both are removable which makes it easy for you to use your special insole in these boots for your feet and according to your work.

5. Durability

The durability of a boot depends on many factors. These factors include leather quality, outsole, insole, and many others. All these factors favor the Thorogood moc toe which means that the Thorogood moc toes are more durable than the Danner bull run.

If you use the Danner bull run, you will need to re-sole or replace these after two years. If you wear Thorogood moc toe and you keep switching the boots you will never need to re-sole these.

6. Weight

The weight of the boots affects the comfort of your feet a lot. Because the weight of your boots will be the weight your feet will be carrying the whole day. The more weight of your boot, the more quickly your feet will get tired and get uncomfortable.

The weight of the Danner bull runs 50oz which is nearly equal to 1.4 kg per boot. And the weight of Thorogood moc toe is 59.36 oz which is nearly equal to 1.7 kg per boot.

It means that the weight of Thorogood’s moc toe is more than Danner’s bull run. It is because the leather of Thorogood moc toe is 0.5 thicker than Danner bull run.

7. Fit and sizing

A perfect size is very important for your feet to be relaxed and comfortable in your boot. If your boots are tighter you will get hurt and you won’t be able to perform well at your work.

And if the boots are bigger, you will not be able to control your boots. You will not be able to even walk properly. So the size and fitting of your boot matters a lot.

The sizing and fitting of the Danner bull run is pretty simple. The size of these boots is half a size smaller than your normal sneakers. If your sneakers are size 9.5, you should order the Danner bull run in size 9.

It will fit as comfortably and perfectly as your sneaker fit. They will feel a little bit sung at first, but after some time they will fit perfectly. The Danner bull run has a lot of ankle support.

This allows you a more uniform fit when you lace your boots up. One of the benefits of stitch-down construction is that the footbed is more flat as compared to the Goodyear welt.

The sizing of Thorogood moc toe is the same as your normal sneakers. If you have a size 9, you should order your Thorogood moc toe in size 9.

These boots also come in D and EE sizes. In these sizes, the width of your shoes will be more. If you have wider feet you should buy Thorogood moc toe in EE size.

8. Break-in period

The time taken by the shoe you mold into the shape of your feet is called the break-in period. After breaking in the shoe becomes more comfortable.

The breaking period of the Danner bull run is more than Thorogood moc toe. The leather of the Danner bull run is rigid at first and it may take more time to break in. You may experience a lot of rubbing in the instep several times.

The breaking period of Thorogood moc toe is not that much. But you will have to face discomfort a few times.

Overall the breaking period of Thorogood moc toe is better than the Danner bull run.


  1. If you are working at a construction site, you would rather choose Danner stronghold boots.
  2. Thorogood logger boots must be a good choice for uneven surfaces.
  3. If you are an indoor factory worker, you might refer to Thorogood American Heritage moc toe.
  4. Danner quarry boots are suitable for outdoor trades.


In the end, after discussing all the factors I would highly recommend buying a Thorogood moc toe. The leather of the Thorogood moc toe is tobacco leather which is one of the finest leathers.

And the leather is 2mm thick which makes your feet more secure and safe. These boots have a padded collar and hook which makes them easy to wear.

This boot is more slip resistant than the Danner bull run. The breaking period of Thorogood moc toe is a lot better than Danner bull run.

So these are all the reasons why we suggest buying a Thorogood moc toe.

You must consider all conditions before buying the boot. Maybe the Danner goes better with your work and lifestyle. So think before you choose.

Final thoughts

So far we have discussed all the aspects of Danner bull run and Thorogood moc toe boots. Based on this you can decide what would be the better option for you according to your work and lifestyle. We have discussed all the differences and similarities in the table.

We have also discussed some questions that you might have in your mind.

If you want to share anything regarding this topic, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Are Thorogood Boots Worth The Money?

Yes, Thorogood boots are worth the money. Yes, they are valued to money.

Are Danner Boots of Good Quality?

Yes, Danner boots are of good quality.

Do Thorogood boots run large?

The size of Thorogood boots is equal to your normal shoe size.

Do Danner Boots run large?

No, Danner boots don’t run large. They are almost the same size as your normal shoes.

Are Danner boots waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof.

Are Danner Boots Handmade?

Yes, they are homemade and meant to hold up in tough conditions and satisfy the enduring guidelines.

Are There Thorogood For Women?

Yes. The Thorogood women’s 6 moc toe boot shows us a great reference to the women’s work boot.

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