Why are Tennis Shoes So Expensive

Why are Tennis Shoes So Expensive? (Everything to Know)

As a tennis enthusiast myself, I’ve often pondered over this question while browsing through various shoe brands. Tennis shoes, also known as athletic or sports shoes, are specially designed footwear intended for playing tennis, providing players with the necessary support, traction, and cushioning to enhance their performance on the court.

My own experience with purchasing tennis shoes left me perplexed. I recall the time when I eagerly went to buy a new pair, only to find that the ones I liked were quite expensive. Despite being stylish and well-designed, their cost seemed unjustifiably high, and I couldn’t help but question the reasons behind such price disparities.

I research to understand the factors contributing to the seemingly exorbitant price of tennis shoes. In this article, I will share the fruits of my investigation, shedding light on the key elements that make tennis shoes more expensive than regular footwear. To learn more, read on and uncover the secrets behind the costs of these essential court companions.

Why are tennis shoes so expensive?

Tennis shoes are made up of strong material which provides comfort and protection to your feet. It has a cushioning effect, hard sole, comfortable midsole and ankle support, etc. These qualities are very important for playing tennis.

Tennis shoes are more expensive than some other sports shoes. It consists of many qualities which make these expensive.

It is made up of excellent and strong material. Its making is very complex. It has two different types of soles. These are some qualities that make tennis shoes expensive.

Things that make tennis shoes expensive

The following are some qualities that make tennis shoes expensive:

  • Cushioning effect
  • Base sole
  • Gel technology
  • Ankle arch
  • The upper

1. Cushioning effect

Cushioning effect is very rare in shoes. It supports your heel while playing and absorbs the shocks produced while playing.

It protects your heel and ankle from injury while playing. It also gives comfort to your feet while playing.

2. Base sole

The base sole of tennis shoes is stiff. It has nibs that keep you stable and don’t let you fall.

It is made of hard rubber material so cannot rotate or turn your feet while playing. It also keeps your feet positioned.

3. Gel technology

In the midsole, gel technology is used to protect your feet from injury. It produces a cushioning effect that protects your heel and ankle from injury.

It also absorbs the shocks produced while jumping. Its basic purpose is to provide comfort to feet while playing.

4. Ankle arch

The ankle arch is made up of very soft material like foam. It did not irritate the feet but it protects your ankle from hurting.

It also places your feet in the right place. After some time, the balance of the shoe starts being disturbed. It looks very bad and also can be dangerous while playing.

5. The upper

The upper is made up of very soft cloth material. It tightens your feet and gives you more support while playing tennis.

The heat prevents you from tiredness. The tightness is also a type of comfort and satisfaction which necessary for concentration in playing.

What is the most expensive tennis shoe?

The most expensive shoe is the Nike shoe. Its name code is Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro clay shoe. Its price is 20087 rupees.

In my opinion, it’s very expensive just for playing. Nike also has some cheap shoes which have almost 80% same qualities as this shoe.

These shoes are expensive because they are made of very fine material, are comfortable, and have very good quality soles. These are very durable and easy to use. 

Adidas also has very expensive shoes, even more, expensive than Nike. The most expensive tennis shoe of Adidas is Stanniversary Barricade, which can cost you more than 33000 rupees.

But Adidas is a name of quality, these shoes are very durable. You can use it for at least more than 3 to 4 years. There are a lot of shoe companies which make cheaper shoes than these but their quality is good. Our main focus is quality not price.

If we save some cost, shoes can injure you due to cheap quality. It can break during the game and can injure you. So, quality should not be compromised. There are a lot of other brands of tennis shoes like Jorden, SKETCHERS, Aero soft, Ielgy, etc.

Is it costly?

Considering your passion for something, things don’t matter. If you are passionate about your dream or goal, it will not look costly to you.

Yes, it can cost you 5 to 7 thousand, but I don’t think you will leave your dream just to save some dollars. Dreams and goals are everything in life so chase them and achieve them.

Its extra abilities make it costly. The cushioning and upper and ankle support make tennis shoes expensive. These factors are very important for someone to play tennis because physical health matters a lot in playing.

By saving some dollars I don’t think that you will risk your health. So, spend some rupees and buy tennis shoes for play. If you buy a branded shoe like Nike or Adidas, these are very costly brands. But the shoes of these brands are very durable than others.

You have to pay one time and you can get a shoe for a long time. So, durability is also another quality of expensive shoes.


Tennis shoes are really expensive but their cost is not much if we consider their qualities. High-quality material is used to make this shoe. Its qualities like cushioning, and the arch sole is worth paying this cost.

You won’t regret buying this. It saves you from a lot of injuries. So, if we compare the cost with the benefits, it’s not much expensive

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